Introduction To OUR Story :)

Assalamualaikum and Hello peeps. Welcome to my blog. Since this is me and fatena’s blog. Lemme introduce first.
Me –

Muhammad Arief Umar Bin Mohd Malkan


Fatena –

Nur Fatin Azira Bt Abd Rahman


this blog gonna tell bout our story, since it’s almost 18 months of our relationship, so aku dgn dia dah decide nak buat blog nak ceritakan pasal kitorang dalam blog ni 🙂 hehe. actually aku malu nak cerita pasal ni, tapi dia cakap gaduh pun tulis. HAHA 😀 So, rajin-rajinkan diri membaca ye 🙂

p/s: lama x main wordpress jadi kekok HAHA

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